Saturday, October 10, 2015

Alternative Pleasure Pop-Up Gesture Store

The Alternative Pleasure Pop-Up Gesture Store is conceived and created by Andrea Haenggi. The store sells gestures and experiences that engage the customers in spectatorship, participation and sharing. Ongoing energetic exchanges are king. The store currency is Gesture. It questions value, display, consumerism, presence, exchange, gender and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence in search of connection and creation. Location: 1067 Pacific People at 1067 Pacific St. Brooklyn, NY 11238

On Sat. Sept. 12, 2015, I sold PORTRAITS and STYLES at the Pop-Up Gesture Store. The best part were the exchanges that customers gave in return. 

I embellished a bike helmet, and in return she outlined my chair with a circle of juice from a black berry that was growing wild at 1067 Pacific St.

I received a hairstyle in exchange. : )



Searching for objects to put in a lovely textured bouquet that she made in exchange. 

She wasn't sure what to do in exchange. In talking I found out she is a writer and editor, and suggested a word that described her experience, which resulted in "Serene". It was truly a tranquil, joyous, untroubled moment in time. 

I asked him to find a plant that resonated with him and he pulled up an entire plant, which I transformed into a mohawk. He presented an awesome "peep-show" in return!

Making spontaneous shared magic.

The interior of the Alternate Pleasure Pop-up Gesture Store by Andrea Haenggi

photos: Julie Lemberger

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